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Strategic Planning solutions

Planning is essential for success. Empire Project Management is meticulous when it comes to planning out every project. We take the time to remove uncertainty from your next venture.  

Working in close consultation with you, our experts will develop a plan that aligns with your vision and goals, while streamlining processes and guarding against risk.  

Your time and resources and potentially live environment operations are precious, therefore our team will start your project on the correct path, ensuring it’s done thoroughly and correctly the first time. 

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Sectors we specialise in

We work with clients across a wide range of industry sectors, with particular specialised experience in residential, hotels, clubs and hospitality.

Whether its a completely new build, or an extensive refurbishment, our full range of client side project management services can assist you in all stages of your project from inception to completion. 

Discover the advantages of partnering with us and unlock the full potential of your project.




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Your Vision, Our Expertise

Client Representation

Empire Project Management will advocate for your interests every step of the way.  

We prioritise your goals and objectives and navigate the complexities of your project on your behalf.  

We safeguard your interests and ensure your vision is realised. 

Focus on your core business while we handle the planning and execution of your vision.  

the Foundation for Success

Brief Preparation

Empire is committed to building a solid blueprint for your project.  

A successful construction project starts with a clear plan, goals and objectives.  

Our skilled professionals work closely with you to understand your requirements and limitations.  

We carefully prepare a comprehensive plan that serves as the foundation for your project’s success.  

This plan delivers outcome alignment for all stakeholders and guides the project with clarity and purpose.

Precision in Execution

Project Planning & Programming

We know that meticulous planning and programming will produce the best results. 

Our team use their extensive industry knowledge to create a tailored plan that optimises every aspect of your project.  

This includes setting clear milestones and allocating resources efficiently.  

We ensure that your project progresses smoothly and efficiently, meeting your standards at every milestone. 

Minimising Uncertainties, Maximising Success

Risk Management

At Empire, we take protecting your project from potential problems seriously.  

We know that complications are a part of every project, but they can be carefully managed or reduced. 

Our risk management strategies and multidisciplinary approach are based on years of experience in the industry.  

We use thorough assessments, proactive planning and mitigation measures to safeguard your success.  

By addressing potential challenges head-on, we minimise disruptions while maximising results. 

Our Projects

We deliver exceptional projects, backed by an agile and dynamic team with diverse experience.

Our Clients

Your partner in perfection

Empire Project Management will de-risk your projects. We have the experience and innovation to make sure your projects are completed on time, within budget and to specification.  

Our team leverage their industry insights to deliver exceptional results for the best result today and an even better one tomorrow. 

We have a thorough planning process, rigorous execution, vigilant monitoring and expert control. We navigate complexities, mitigate risks and deliver successful outcomes. This means that going from ideation to handover is faster, easier and safer than ever.  

Partner with Empire Project Management and experience project clarity every step of the way.  

Client Testimonials

You didn’t hear it from us!

"…Empire were always responsive to our needs and ensured that value was derived from all design and related procurement decisions."

Daniel Ross General Manager - Property, The Crescent Hotel

"The University stakeholders were greatly impressed with Empire's professionalism and commitment to efficiently meeting the projects objectives within the agreed constraints..."

Bill Vertsonis Senior Project Manager, Macquarie University

"He has provided invaluable advice and guidance to our management and the project team to ensure that our projects were delivered on time, on brief and within budget."

Darren Marino Group Chief Operating Officer, Mounties Group

"Empire has ensured that the project was delivered to the high standard that was required and any issues were dealt with in a professional manner."

Ian Sutcliffe QLD Asset Manager, Stockland

"we were appreciative of the diligence they applied when representing our interests in the day to day running of the project, providing leadership, guidance and experience to the project team."

Mark Crick General Manager Assest Management, Redcape Hotel Group

"As Empire have demonstrated numerous times in the past, they were able to really understand the operational imperatives of the business, develop and manage implementation of strategies to best meet our needs."

Joe Saleh General Manager - Developments, Redcape Hotel Group

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