How Cabramatta Hotel Revitalised Its Interior

Cabramatta Hotel transformed itself into a premier community destination through a luxury refurbishment project.

Project Details

Location: 174–176 Cabramatta Road West, Cabramatta West NSW 2166

Project Budget: $1–10 million

Sector: Hospitality

Services Rendered: Project management services across the planning, design and construction phases

Completion Date:  – March 2019

Design: Giant Design | Martin and Spork

Contractor: Calida


distinct stages

A Community Icon, Plateauing

Cabramatta Hotel was established in 1888 – a ‘third place’ for people from dozens of different cultures and nations for more than 100 years.

Over time, its popularity outgrew its interiors, and its owner, Redcape Hotel Group, realised that a radical overhaul was needed.

The objective: to transform Cabramatta Hotel into a premier destination for foodies, sports fans, and people seeking a VIP gaming experience.

The Challenges

As a popular hospitality venue, Cabramatta Hotel needed to preserve the customer experience during construction.

The hotel couldn’t shut down during delivery – but, at the same time, the refurbishment still needed to be completed in a timely manner that minimised opportunity costs.

The Solutions

To offset impacts on revenue, we adopted a two-stage construction methodology that saw different parts of the hotel refurbished at different times.

We kept the Redcape Hotel Group team apprised of progress through weekly on-site meetings and cloud-based documentation-sharing.

The Outcomes

The revitalised Cabramatta Hotel exceeded expectations.

The ‘Dragons’ Den’ VIP gaming room, bar, foyer, sports bar, entry, courtyard, and restrooms were wholly reconfigured and refurbished, helping align the hotel with modern consumer behaviours.

Importantly, we helped mitigate impacts on regular patrons by coordinating a temporary gaming room.

To unlock the hotel’s new potential, we also managed the development of a new kitchen and 150-person dining room.

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Client Testimonials

You didn’t hear it from us!

"…Empire were always responsive to our needs and ensured that value was derived from all design and related procurement decisions."

Daniel Ross General Manager - Property, The Crescent Hotel

"The University stakeholders were greatly impressed with Empire's professionalism and commitment to efficiently meeting the projects objectives within the agreed constraints..."

Bill Vertsonis Senior Project Manager, Macquarie University

"He has provided invaluable advice and guidance to our management and the project team to ensure that our projects were delivered on time, on brief and within budget."

Darren Marino Group Chief Operating Officer, Mounties Group

"Empire has ensured that the project was delivered to the high standard that was required and any issues were dealt with in a professional manner."

Ian Sutcliffe QLD Asset Manager, Stockland

"we were appreciative of the diligence they applied when representing our interests in the day to day running of the project, providing leadership, guidance and experience to the project team."

Mark Crick General Manager Assest Management, Redcape Hotel Group

"As Empire have demonstrated numerous times in the past, they were able to really understand the operational imperatives of the business, develop and manage implementation of strategies to best meet our needs."

Joe Saleh General Manager - Developments, Redcape Hotel Group

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