Why Empire

Experience That Puts Us Ahead

Mark Pritchard founded Empire in 2017 with over three decades of industry experience. His commitment to project excellence has been one of the driving forces behind Empire’s success.

Joining the leadership team shortly thereafter, Nathan Gallon became co-owner and Director at Empire in 2019. Bringing over two decades of experience in the construction and property industries, Nathan’s procurement expertise and strong leadership in complex projects are just two exceptional traits that have been integral to Empire’s ongoing growth.

Empire Project Management is a market leader in providing comprehensive development, planning, design, construction, operations and client representation services.

Operating across a variety of key sectors nationally, we are able to leverage cross-sectional learnings in a way that overly specialised firms can’t.

We are laser focused on driving successful project outcomes, not methodologies.

With our highly integrated team structure, fresh thinking and abundance of experience, you can confidently rely on our project management experts to be with you every step of the way to bring your project vision to life.

We are your revolutionary partner in project success.

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Our Values

Why Empire | Empire Project Management

Teamwork and Collaboration

We foster a culture of collaboration, within Empire and among project stakeholders. We facilitate and enable, helping project participants execute their functions as effectively as possible. As part of that, we align differing objectives with the outcome our clients require.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Trust is grounded in reliability. When we promise an outcome, our clients know that we will deliver it. Our dedication to our clients and project success means we’ll do everything possible to uphold our commitments, regardless of the time or effort required.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management

Leadership & Accountability

Exceptional project management is characterised by strong internal leadership and individual accountability. Our leaders are ultimately responsible for our project outcomes, so it’s up to us to take control – to facilitate informed decisions, to create forward momentum, and to relentlessly pursue the goals we identify. We are all held accountable and are proactive participants in our clients’ successes.

live environment experts

At Empire, we specialise in managing projects that take place in live environments such as hotels, clubs and hospitality venues. Works need to be carefully planned and scoped to allow businesses to continue operating and avoid any disruption to their customers and staff.

We embrace past achievements and future advancements, combining these two elements for exceptional results and project outcomes.

Through our experience, integrated systems, data and proven processes, we can work through any challenge – no matter how large or complex.

We combine our industry partners from designers and architects to structural engineers and more to transform spaces into community destinations.

Accountability when you need it most

We are the firm that clients come to when there are complex issues to resolve.

Clients choose us above others because we are a safer set of hands. We are reliable and have a firm track record of project challenges that we have successfully overcome. 

We understand the different stakeholders with different pressures, and work collaboratively and effectively to build trust that lasts.

With Empire we are confident we have the right team, the right processes, the right approach and the right plan to realise your vision.

Why Work With Empire

We are agile. We deliver on our promises. We pivot accordingly and are highly responsive and respectful with all our relationships.

Choose us once. Partner forever.

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Measure twice, cut once.


With our experience, we know how to deliver projects on time, on brief and on budget. This means not just building trust with our clients, but maintaining it with full transparency throughout the project lifecycle.  

As a team, we collectively strive to enhance our processes and project management techniques, all while guiding and supporting each other for total project success. 

We balance innovation with experience to navigate each project while performing due diligence to assess risks and their impact on your project’s budget, timeline, and quality.

Our confidence evokes a sense of trust. Our portfolio and results speak for themselves. When you choose Empire, you are choosing a partner that understands your needs and drivers. We’re partners in success, not vendors uninterested in the final outcome.

Your partner in project SUCCESS

Working with Empire Project Management provides you with around the clock access to a team of professional consultants who are dedicated to delivering project excellence in every aspect of project management.

We’re decisive and agile, combining a culture of collaboration with cross-sectorial learnings and hands-on leadership.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management


We uncover your true needs, we get to know your business and we combine all our experience in your industry sector. We are not interested in simply delivering the on-paper requirements, but in adding real value with a tailored approach that optimises your project's outcome.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management


We have the experience to know how to deliver projects in a more efficient way. We have the energy to ask how processes can be improved and the ability to mature the project management approach and both develop and mentor the project team.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management


A risk-aware culture is essential to keep risks, issues and changes in check. Our proactive approach means we plan for and monitor risk factors while taking into account their impact on time, cost and quality.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management


We deliver on our promises and obligations because we are responsive to our clients needs. The phone is never off, because our projects are never a 9-5. Driving our accountability at the highest level, our owners are involved in all projects.

Who are the people behind Empire ?

Empire Project Management has skilled consultants, builders and project managers with decades of experience. We pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds, which allow us to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.  

Our collective strength enables us to turn your project from a mere concept into a successful reality.  

Contact us today to speak with a team member about your project, obligation-free.  

Why Empire | Empire Project Management

Mark Pritchard

Managing Director

Mark is the founder of Empire and an experienced and respected project manager with over 30 years of proven success.

Why Empire | Empire Project Management

Nathan Gallon


Nathan is an accomplished and skilled Project Management executive who takes pride in delivering exceptional outcomes for his clients.

Choose us once, you'll partner with us forever.