How A Client Side Project Manager Can Support Construction And Refurbushment Projects

Every building project needs an actively involved client and builder to be a success. Best intentions aside, projects that are managed by contractors and the end client alone rarely achieve the same results as builds with an actively engaged project manager. The project manager’s role is to simplify the process and keep the work on track.

Best suited to clients limited in time, skill, and experience, client side project managers ensure that no legal, financial, or logistical tasks needed for building or refurbishment projects are overlooked.

New to the concept of working with a client side project manager? Take a quick look at the blog below to see how this key role can streamline your next building or refurbishment plans.


 The concept of a Client Side Project Manager is simple in theory; in practice, we bring limitless effectiveness, knowledge, cost savings, and ease to every client and job.

Among the main tasks overseen by a Client Side Project Manager there are:

  1. Managing the project’s head contractor or building team
  2. Managing design consultants and design coordination
  3. Managing planning approval pathways and proposing the best suitable approach for these
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Project supervision and timeline management to ensure program certainty
  6. Actively anticipating, analysing and minimising risk
  7. Project financial management including budget development and cost reductions
  8. Project close out and handover
  9. Giving end clients back their time.

Why is this role so important? Most of our end clients work in government, private, residential, hospitality, industrial, health or education settings and have limited experience planning and managing complex projects. Instead of risking going over budget, blown out timelines, miscommunications, or missing a key legal or regulatory task, client side project managers work day in and out to identify risks, manage budgets, and keep projects on track.

Read on to learn about the top ten reasons why an outsourced Client Side Project Manager should join your next building or refurbishment team.


Well versed in identifying risks, streamlining costs, and managing multiple stakeholders, a client side project manager is one outsourced contractor you’ll want to have on your next building team.

Fully independent from our client’s industries, project managers can oversee any or all aspects of the project lifecycle for  projects in hospitality, education, residential, industrial, health, public, private, and commercial settings. Stepping in to free up the client’s time and day-to-day tasks, a client side project manager will oversee every step from planning approvals, consultant engagement, contractor team procurement to managing timelines and budgets.

A favourite for time-poor clients and those with limited experience overseeing major builds, here are ten effective and efficient ways a client side project manager can support your project:

  1. Develop the best suite of documents for project tenders and contractor negotiations.
  2. Review builder quotes, tenders, and contracts to advise on the project value proposition.
  3. Manage fully coordinated design and product selection support–thereby streamlining supplier selection and purchasing processes.
  4. Schedule regular meetings with all contractors, builders, and suppliers to review progress, answer questions, and undertake ongoing quality control.
  5. Review and confirm completion stages for contractor payment authorisations.
  6. Manage, negotiate, and authorise scope variations where required.
  7. Keep the end client up-to-date with project progress, variations, and next steps.
  8. Create a seamless project handover and close out process for clients to enjoy their finished project.
  9. Assist with service connections and upgrades, ICT and security requirements, and permits before final handover.
  10. Minimise risk, reduce costs, and support the client’s peace of mind.

Whether your project is valued at $100K or $100M, an experienced client side project management group can negotiate with multiple suppliers, keep contractors on track, control the quality of your build, and help give clients back their time.


Empire Project Management has helped reduce risk, coordinate excellent project outcomes, and maximise client resources across building and refurbishment projects Australia-wide.

Highly experienced in managing the end-to-end details needed for public and private projects, our team is committed to raising awareness about the importance of the client side project manager role.

If your organisation is gearing up for a building or refurbishment project and managing construction tasks falls outside of your core skill set, contact Empire to learn more about outsourcing key activities.

Giving our clients back the time, space, and money needed to carry on with their day-to-day lives, our experts are highly trained and equipped to face buildings’ many challenges and opportunities.

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