Nathan Gallon

Nathan Gallon


Nathan is an accomplished and skilled Project Management professional who takes pride in delivering exceptional outcomes for his clients.  

With both a degree and two decades of experience in the construction and property industries, Nathan never fails to impress. He holds himself, his colleagues, and his team members to a high standard of service.  

Nathan has an impressive track record of completing a diverse range of construction and refurbishment projects across various sectors. This includes laboratories, education, hospitality, retail, office fit-out and residential.  

His expertise in the construction process and commercial acumen ensure that his clients get the best value.  

Nathan can identify and mitigate risks while spotting new opportunities, ensuring his clients’ interests are safeguarded. 

Most notable, and a career highlight, Nathan was the Project Director leading the staged implementation of the Mounties Club $250M Master Plan. This project included a variety of projects including multi storey building extensions; multi storey carparks; restaurants and bars; entertainment spaces; administration offices; site wide landscaping; infrastructure upgrades; and a new IT and comms room. 

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